Pankaj Advani – October 18, 2021 – Media Coverage Report


Gujarati Midday, October 18, 2021, Mumbai




Influecer Outreach – Live with Shweta Rohira


Pre Buzz Activities –

  • Pre Buzz narrative was shared across Soacial Media handles of Pankaj Advani and Celebrity Influencer Shweta Rohira multiple times to make good noise for the live interview.
  • This was also issued to media as an FYI


Live Interaction –

  • The interview was quite interaction and it covered all the talk points covered which were seeded in for Pankaj
  • Selfie moment captured during the live interaction


Post Interaction

  • Post the interaction, the live and its glimpse was promoted across platforms by the the celebrity journalist and influencer.
  • The live garnered maximum views and traction for the live – 1, 26,882. This was the largest number attracted for this live on the influencer page.

~The End ~

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